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Draft law for the District Prefect, Tabaku: The law makes only cosmetic adjustments

Draft law for the District Prefect, Tabaku: The law makes only cosmetic

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Jorida Tabaku, said from the Assembly that the "Prefect" law has only some cosmetic adjustments.

According to Tabak, the law has not dealt with the essence. She added that she is glad that when this law came to parliament, one of the elements related to the competence of the prefect to dismiss the mayor was withdrawn.

"The law on the prefect should have sparked debate. The law on the prefect has been discussed for some time and I am glad that when it came, one of the elements was withdrawn, which had to do with the power to dismiss the mayor. It is an instrument that the government would abuse, as it has always done.

Second, a short time ago, the parliament concluded a territorial reform commission. Which started in September 2021 with the agreement of the two parties, with the idea that this half reform has not been implemented for 10 years, because it did not affect the 3 levels of government. This commission produced some suggestions to have a complete integral strategy, firstly about the powers that each level of government should have and how the local government should function.

Today, the arrival of the prefect's law that makes some cosmetic adjustments and does not deal with the essence, for me is a routine law that does not change the essence of this situation. According to the World Bank, the decentralization reform transferred some responsibilities and public services from the government to local authorities, but its implementation was flawed.

A number of services today do not come close to the local government. If this parliament were to talk about a genuine reform, it would talk about the implementation of the decentralization strategy for the prefect's responsibilities and how the mistakes of the first territorial reform should be compensated ," said Tabaku.

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