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SP defends Xhaçka/Zhupa: Institutional coup, justice reform ended yesterday

SP defends Xhaçka/Zhupa: Institutional coup, justice reform ended

Mazhoranca turned into a shield of deputy Olta Xhaçka, where she voted yesterday in the Assembly against sending the review of her mandate by the Constitutional Court.

DP deputy, Ina Zhupa, considers this decision of the majority in the Assembly as an institutional coup. According to the democratic deputy, the justice reform ended yesterday.

"Judicial reform ended yesterday. Yesterday, the majority showed that it has no will to implement the court's decisions when it conflicts with their actions.

We will denounce what the majority does, we cannot force them to return to the rule of law, we have no mechanism to force them to implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court. SPAK has launched investigations into the strategic investment affair involving Xhaçka's family, Goro is the first person arrested for Xhaçka's property, for forged documents, for overlapping the property. It was a denunciation by the elected mayor of Himara.

  It is in process, SPAK is investigating and there is no need for a new lawsuit. We do not have information more classified than SPAK can receive. But here it is no longer about justice, but about the fact that a majority has destroyed the reform in justice, an investment of the internationals." - said Ina Zhupa in MCN.


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