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SP closed the door of investigative commissions, Berisha: Rama's bill does not allow parliamentary investigations

SP closed the door of investigative commissions, Berisha: Rama's bill does

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, reacted after the Socialist Party filed the initiative for the change in the law on the establishment of Investigative Commissions in the Assembly a day ago.

According to Berisha, this was done because Edi Rama is terrified of the investigations, after he abused traveling by charter, spending 22 million euros in 4 years.

Rama publicly deceived about the charter trips, because if he did not abuse, he should make public all the trips, said Berisha during the weekly conference with journalists.

Berisha took the example of the US President, who made 74 trips in 4 years, while Rama made 140 trips in two years.

"The trial session for Edi Rama is postponed for the rest of the day.
But today, the main topic of the day is his attempt, terrified to the core, to legally stop the real parliamentary investigation, as the only means today in Albania, with which Albanian citizens exercise sovereignty in the sense of controlling the power of their government.
Edi Rama, after having transformed justice with SKAP and special courts, into an ugly caricature, in a section of the SP, since in Albania due to legal traps, the referendum cannot be carried out, and the only window left to check the government's abuse of power is the parliamentary investigative committee, after blocking it eight times in a row, now it has sent the ridiculous law, which seeks to preserve its privacy and his family for all the abuses they have done.
Seeks to block any kind of parliamentary investigation, determining in violation of any law and order, the method of choosing an expert, does not even believe in experts certified by the courts , but only believes in the experts that he can select with his vote, de facto not allow any kind of expert that will not falsify and deceive before being appointed, you noticed that it says that the expert is chosen by two thirds. The experts are taken from the list of experts that the court has, they have a certification, but Edi Rama when it comes to the investigation of his terrible crimes, he only wants the experts appointed by Fatmir Xhafa or someone else. The latter has been activated a lot recently, but it remains what it was.
You see that after the continuous struggles of the opposition to exercise the constitutional rights of the opposition people, the constitutional rights of the parliament, Edi Rama sends the law to the parliament which de facto excludes the possibility of the opposition to investigate, first his 140 trips with charter in two years, with which the expenditure goes to about 22 million euros.
These trips constitute one of the biggest, most criminal abuses of a ruler, even of a most lost principality, let alone a NATO member country.
If Edi Rama, as he deceived the Albanians publicly, did not abuse his Ismail with 140 trips in two years, while in 4 years, a US president made a total of 74 business trips.
So, if the 140 trips were really meetings with prime ministers or heads of state, or international summits, Edi Rama should show them that in fact they were vacations in exotic countries and in Paris, they were, as is often said, a way to transportation of his failed exhibits. So, they were completely personal uses and constitute an ugly political crime."

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