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SP approved the law on protected areas, Tabaku: EU is preparing a note of protest for the government

SP approved the law on protected areas, Tabaku: EU is preparing a note of

Democratic deputy Jorida Tabaku considered the draft law on protected areas, which the majority approved alone today, as a corrupt law.

For the media, outside the Assembly, Tabaku declared that he is in violation of the union's standards and that the European Union is preparing a note of protest for the Albanian government.

"Unfortunately, today the parliament voted a law that is in the service of the minority. They were taken and used by 12 SP deputies, a law that was in violation of EU directives, with the approved law, strategic investments, 5-star hotels will be given in protected areas. If we talk about a captured parliament, about not maintaining the balance in the parliament, this is the best example. In these conditions, when even SP MPs, their vote has no value, it puts a big question mark on the functioning of the parliament. There are 14 decisions for strategic investments within protected areas that violated the commitment of the conventions for the protection of the environment.

This is a corrupt law, indicating state capture. There are 14 laws that indicate state capture. I know that a note of protest is being sent to the Albanian government, that the chapters on the environment are among the most difficult. When it comes to getting acts to open negotiations, I step on them with both feet. With this law, it went even further, don't look only at the connection with the environment, look at the corrupt leader. The EU will continue its efforts, Albania is a sovereign country, but we have an obligation from the integration process. It is in violation of EU directives and corrupt law, it will grant permission for construction in protected areas" , said Tabaku.

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