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Technical government in September? Berisha answers. Chief Democrat: I appreciate Meta's stance on the referendum

Technical government in September? Berisha answers. Chief Democrat: I appreciate

The chairman of the DP, Sali Berisha, spoke about the further steps of the opposition. As the president of PL, Ilir Meta, has warned, Berisha also warned of an autumn full of developments.

He said that the united opposition aims to remove Edi Rama. According to the chief democrat, the Constitution has fallen. Berisha praised Meta's steadfast stance on the referendum.

"As you can verify, we have been speaking about the referendums for a long time. We expressed ourselves in several meetings. And I appreciate the Freedom Party's stance on referendums.

The constitution has lost its meaning with the taking of all powers by Edi Rama, de facto it has fallen.

Because its mission of a Constitution is the separation of powers. If constitutionality was introduced as a basic pillar of democracy, it was introduced for the balance of powers. This is the mission that has been lost here.

In addition, various interventions have been made in the Constitution, which have deprived it of its flexibility. Thirdly, Albania is the only country where citizens cannot speak with their vote", stated Berisha.

Asked if he discussed technical government with Meta in September, as the former president stated, Berisha informed that they did not talk about this topic, implying that it will be decided step by step about the decisions they will undertake.

"We have not discussed, but Edi Rama should leave a day before. After the departure of this government, the most basic task is to prepare free and fair elections. Whether a technical government or an ad-hoc government will be appointed, the political forces will choose," said Berisha.


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