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RAI 3 talked about Olsi Rama's connection with 'Xibraka', Bardhi: Proof of the truth of the opposition's concern

RAI 3 talked about Olsi Rama's connection with 'Xibraka', Bardhi:

The vice-president of the DP, Gazmend Bardhi, has published a video on social networks of an investigation by the Italian television "RAI3" about Olsi Rama's connections with drug trafficking, referring to the "Xibraka" file.

White's post:

The investigation of the Italian state television program "Rai 3", about the strong links of organized crime with the government of Edi Rama, is proof of the truth of the opposition's concern in these 11 years.

The most significant example of this connection is the construction for the first time in Albania of the largest cocaine processing laboratory in the Balkans in Xibraka.

The Police and the Prosecutor's Office in that case have deliberately failed to fully investigate the case!

The documents confirmed yesterday by the "Rai 3" investigation, affirm the shadow of doubt on the role of Olsi Rama in the international cocaine traffic that was planned to be carried out through the Xibraka Laboratory.

From the investigation documents of the prosecution, it appears that the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama used for his movements the same car that was in the service of an Albanian drug-trafficking cartel, persons who have already been partially tried and who were in the direct presence of Olsi Rama during several police checks.

The role of the intentionally unidentified persons by the Police and the Prosecutor's Office has still not been clarified. It is imperative that, without any delay, SPAK reopens criminal proceedings 335/1-2016, which Edi Rama would like to bury forever.

That is why he did everything to isolate the news of the denunciation and denied any control of the Parliament on this matter, violating the Constitution and the Rules of the Assembly.

But while in Albania, he managed to isolate the documents published yesterday by the most important investigative program through the person to the media and propaganda, with the hope that SPAK will not act. "Report", in one of the most serious Italian state media "Rai 3", affirmed even more strongly the truth of the denunciation made by us.

Yesterday's investigation by the Italian media reconfirms that the truth is neither hidden nor can it be isolated.

The time when members of the Albanian mafia or drug traffickers have their representatives within the institutions, and condition the actions of the government, must end.

Albania has no future other than the European path, with a real fight against corruption and organized crime. Without deviations, and without turning a blind eye to the people clothed in power by Edi Rama

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