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The DASH report 'sparks' debates in the Security Commission, Salianji: "Sterilized" Albania from misgovernance

The DASH report 'sparks' debates in the Security Commission, Salianji:

Democratic MP Ervin Salianji has commented on DASH's report on Albania in the Security Committee.

Salianji said that the report in question "exiled" Albania due to bad governance, corruption in justice, describing a rotten government and no independence in institutions.

The Democrat also had debates with the chairman of the commission, Nasip Naço, when the latter asked him to leave the DASH report as according to him the agenda was more important.

Salianji said that corruption in governance has made Albania today not have a state but an autocracy.

Debates in the Security Committee:

Ervin Salianji : We prioritize and vote, we give due importance to any agreement that comes from the US. Even in this commission, yesterday's DASH report blackened and excommunicated Albania due to misgovernance. The lack of independent media, corruption in justice, were the main problem in Albania last year. All branches of government are corrupt, rotten, and there is no independence of institutions. We are in conditions where there is no normal state. We are in an autocracy. Where is there a more multinational power than the USA? I am reading the DASH report. The USA is the leader and we must give voice to the report. I think you should have read it…

Nasip Naço : Come on now...

Ervin Salianji : Endemic corruption has meant that today we don't have a state, but an autocrat. Why are you bothered by this?

Nasip Naço : I worry about the agenda.

Ervin Salianji : There is no judiciary, there is no other element. Where is there a better agenda than this? The DASH report comes out and what agenda will we talk about the next day?! Will we deal with the minutes? It is up to us to give voice to this report. You use it as you use the commission here to silence the voice, put tritol there as the DASH report said to silence the media, threaten with court those you have political opponents. For Fushë-Kruja, we have been calling the Minister and the Director of Police to the Commission for 8 months and he does not come to talk about the issue of criminality. But they don't come because they are afraid. Even what you said certifies what DASH says; there are no independent institutions. There is no judiciary, independent media and no independent power. You are not shocked by anything, because you have a strong column.

Nasip Naço: Me fjalën tënde i ke ngritur të gjitha zemrat peshë…

Ervin Salianji: Përfaqësuesja e ministrisë vjen dhe qesh këtu sikur ka ardhur në plazh. Në vend që të jeni serioz bëni nga këto insinuata këtu. S’e merrni dot fjalën dhe s’bëni dot zhurmuesin.

Nasip Naço: Një sekondë, se të kam ndërprerë fjalën.

Ervin Salianji: Këtë po themi ne, s’ka fjalë të lirë. Pse shqetësoheni nga DASH? A mund të bashkoheni ju me këtë shqetësim? A ka mundësi që të diskutojmë për këtë raport?!

Nasip Naço: Po të lexoj rregulloren.

Ervin Salianji : Government branches are corrupt. What else do you want besides the DASH report?! We have been asking for the Minister of Interior and the Director of Police to come to discuss the issue of criminality in the country for so long. There is no response to this request. No information has been given on those Big Brother-like cameras around the country. The executive is obliged to provide explanations.

Nasip Naço : Thank you!

Ervin Salianji : What thanks?! Only Rama shocks you. You are not shocked by the DASH report.

Nasip Naço : Aman, DASH has also said more serious things.

Ervin Salianji : He lost his voice because there are no institutions. How can you give voice to injustice?


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