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'The merger of the Albanological Academy, head for the president', Zhupa: The case will go to the Constitutional Court!

'The merger of the Albanological Academy, head for the president',

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Ina Zhupa called the decision of the Council of Ministers to merge the Academy of Albanological Studies and merge it with the Academy of Sciences a political move by Prime Minister Edi Rama for Skënder Gjinush.

Invited to the 'Opinion' column in News24, Zhupa said that the closure of this institution wshtw bwrw without going through the prescribed steps as defined by the law.

Among other things, Zhupa said that the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, should stand above the parties, while she emphasized that the next step is for the lawsuit to go to the Constitutional Court for this matter.

" What I have learned best in these 10 years of Rama's government is that when they change their minds about an illegality, they change their minds. It is a political honor for the president of the Academy of Sciences. This is a project that Skender Gjinushi has never hidden.

He needs people and glory and evidence to get money. Gjinushi wants to get money from these projects, so I didn't expect a different result today. This is the next honor. When I heard Minister Khushi, how can she come up with that level of discourse. She said that we found an institution with legal and financial violations. When there is a violation, a report is made about the violation and a deadline is set and measures are taken for the violation. There are some steps that you don't wake up in the morning and say; we will make changes. This is not a reason to close.

All else being said; reorganization, this is an internal matter, but the Academy of Albanology is closed. Well, why didn't they take him to the universities since he was a secondary school. Why did they take him to the Academy of Sciences? Who was asked? Evis Kushi counts the votes of academics, like he counts the votes of Tom Doshi. Go to an open meeting with the Academy of Sciences?

How does that count? Like Doshi's votes. It should take a stand on the parties, and not become part of the process. That Gjinushi needs to get money from 3 projects. Edi Rama does not ask about political interests at all. Besides being remembered as the last former minister of the dictatorship, Gjinushi is also remembered for a party, PSD. This party, which it kept for itself for 30 years, sold it to Tom Doshi before 2 elections.

The ally that receives votes for Rama's candidates, in all municipalities, especially in the north. At the moment when Skënder Gjinushi is left without a job, Toma is asking for one thing. When Skënder Gjinushi is left on the streets, you are fulfilling a favor that a party leader has done you. But you also play Albanianology. Skender Gjinushi has another project, to give himself a second mandate. There is no union, but dependence.” , said Zhupa.

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