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"He is terrified", Berisha explains why Rama canceled the administration's vacation on December 6

"He is terrified", Berisha explains why Rama canceled the

Berisha : Edi Rama is terrified by the protest and if you have noticed, all their antennas, all their newspapers and portals, want to present it as if the apocalypse is happening on the 6th.

On the 6th is the triumph of the opposition people, who will tell Europe and the world that this prime minister is a mafia, a dangerous mafia for his people, that this government is a mafia.

You are really in Albania, but those Western institutions that evaluate the functioning of the legal state, have found Albania as it is. 53 countries under Kosovo, because Kosovo applies the law, which means equality before the law, guarantee of human rights.

But it doesn't stop there. It is 4 countries below communist Vietnam.

You go to the courts, you don't win cases against the government anymore, Edi Rama and Engjëll Agaçi win them all over the phone. This is another fundamental motive for protesting on the 6th for every Albanian who cannot be present there.

You found out what he did. He canceled the day off for the administration because he was terrified that the administration might protest with us. I call on the administration to come to us. When he realized that the entire administration was going to pour into the square, he canceled it, saying it was fake news, when they had all been notified.

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