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The 'McGonigal' scandal, the opposition organizes a national protest on February 11

The 'McGonigal' scandal, the opposition organizes a national protest

The opposition has announced that on February 11 at 12:00, it will hold the next national protest against Edi Rama, after the discovery of the corruption scandal with the former head of the FBI, Charles McGonigal. 

The date of the protest was communicated by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, after the Presidency meeting. 

Berisha : The critical situation in which Albania is going through, an unprecedented situation in any country, was widely discussed. Every Albanian was introduced to authentic international documents, with the commitment of Edi Rama in the process of annihilation of pluralism and opposition in Albania.

The leadership of the DP thinks that today it is vital, it is decisive to remove this fierce enemy of the Albanian opposition from power.

The removal as soon as possible of Edi Rama, who for at least 6 years has engaged fabulous sums, engaged secret police, engaged and bribed the head of the counter-intelligence of the FBI. He has taken hostage the former president of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, he has done everything for the political annihilation of Sali Berisha, with the sole aim of destroying the real opposition in Albania.

It is time for the opposition to speak. To speak until the removal of this corruption from power. In the removal of this shame, the man who has no principle, normal, moral, honor, dignity that has no limit in his meanness to stay in power by himself, regardless of what it causes to democracy and his country.

On February 11, Albania marches towards Tirana, Tirana floods its streets.

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