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Sula: On July 7, I will protest together with my family and relatives

Sula: On July 7, I will protest together with my family and relatives

DP MP Dashnor Sula says that there are many reasons to protest on July 7.

In an interview for Ora Neës, Sula says that he does not care who called this protest, but he will join his family and relatives.

"I will protest together with all my relatives.

I don't care who calls, I go out in protest. When there is justice in this country, I don't care about other things. The government is reducing the prices because it is the protest on July 7. This government does not redistribute the money it receives from our taxes to the social strata that are extremely affected, but distributes it to the tenders, to the people who benefit. We are the last country in Europe and the region in terms of consumption" , said Sula.

He said that he is convinced that this protest is taking place due to pure economic demands.

 "I am convinced that this protest is based on pure economic demands, maybe it could be the first case, I would say, in 32 years of an economic protest. Economic protest is more legitimate than ever before.

The nerve of protest has been killed, we are dealing with a frustrated society, an intimidated society. The policy is at the lowest levels of credibility. During these 30 political years, we have this political elite circulating and showing these problems" , says Sula.

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