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Tabaku: The majority does not have the moral height to fight corruption

Tabaku: The majority does not have the moral height to fight corruption

DP deputy, Jorida Tabaku, reacted one day after the SP boycott in KKIE on the draft resolution proposed by the majority in the fight against corruption.

On social networks, the deputy argues that the majority does not have any more attributes than the DP to lead the fight against corruption, based on the current state of the government and also the custom laws approved by the SP.

For PD MPs, the fight against corruption should definitely focus on the Albanians and have the opposition in this belated effort of the majority and the parliament.

"On Monday, the parliament will adopt a resolution on the fight against corruption. Is the fight against corruption the issue of a resolution that can be trampled with two feet like many others?

Or was it a matter of a political will that did not exist until today? Does the majority have the moral high ground to be at the head of this war and take the flag of the war against corruption? Absolutely not! In the name of the opposition, we have submitted laws to prevent corruption.

For that corruption that today, unfortunately, has turned into an endemic corruption, which is spreading throughout the economy, is driving young people away from Albania and which is concentrating the economy in a few hands. I do not believe that the majority has the moral height to fight corruption.

The process of integration is a comprehensive process. A process that must have consensus. And this cannot be done unilaterally by those who bring laws to parliament without any procedure, commissioned laws. Laws that do not fight corruption but stimulate corruption. For this reason, I believe that the fight against corruption should become a national priority and the opposition should definitely be a part of it," writes Tabaku. 

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