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Tabaku at the American House Conference: Parliament has closed the door to accommodate business interests

Tabaku at the American House Conference: Parliament has closed the door to

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Jorida Tabaku, was invited today to the annual Business Index Conference by the American Chamber of Commerce and Monitor Magazine. At this event, the PD deputy spoke about the change in the business index while expressing the concerns that business has raised over the years. Tabaku said that for years the confidence index in the economy has not exceeded 50% and that this shows that the quality jump that was expected from the Albanian economy is not coming.

She underlined that although the economy according to INSTAT is growing, it is not based on the expected economic basis, as the economy is suffering a decline, especially in the pockets of Albanians. She brought to attention two layers affected by this lack of economic growth, the middle layer and farmers. According to Mrs. Tabaku, agriculture is in complete decline, since for three years in a row, agriculture has grown at 0% per year, while last quarter the growth was negative. According to Mrs. Tabaku, this crisis really shows the main problems that the index shows.

According to the PD deputy, the problems of the economy are related to monopolies, corruption and informality.

According to Tabak, the main problem of the assembly is because it has no interest in listening to either the business or the business chambers which the socialist majority is trying to monopolize. She reminded the government representatives that in fact the monopoly in the market is being followed by the monopoly in the chambers of commerce.

The full speech of Deputy Tabaku:

Thank you, Arlinda, and thank you to the American Chamber of Commerce, not only for today's discussion but also for the assistance it provides in parliament for any law related to the economy, AmCham's comments are among the most productive. thus opening a debate that, unfortunately, the minister falls on deaf ears, and I hope that in the future we will not stick to good words but really to a cooperation. Secondly, I also thank Revita Monitor for the public and professional debate that it always opens for special topics and topics that we don't always talk about. Even for many topics that we don't even have the opportunity to talk about.

I have been following the business index of the American Chamber of Commerce for years since I was a teacher and I want to try to have a balanced opinion even though I am a political person and I will reflect in my opinion. Present here is the former head of the American Chamber of Commerce since 2002, which then evolved into the indicators you are presenting today. The concerns of the last ten years remain the same and mean that something is wrong even though the order or priority has changed. We have unqualified staff and the need for a quality staff which is related and the concern which is related several times in terms of the departure of the middle class and my request that we support this middle class. I also expect to see the situation of the labor force reflected in relation to the data coming out from INSTAT.

Secondly, there is the problem of informality and corruption that are related to each other, which is the same concern and repeated over time. Ma...

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