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Teliti: The government collected 700 million euros more in taxes in 2023, not from economic growth, but from prices

Teliti: The government collected 700 million euros more in taxes in 2023, not

The Advisor for Economic Affairs in DP, Dorian Teliti, stated that the government, from the increase in prices and taxes that affected families in crisis, has collected 700 million euros more in taxes than in 20244.

From the blue headquarters, Teliti said that during the year 2023 the losers were the citizens, families and local businesses, who paid millions of euros more in taxes, but this money was not returned to any of these three categories for a better life or with better quality services.


Regarding the tax on work, or after the very disturbing findings of the report of the Department of State, which states that the ongoing corruption in the public sector, the judiciary and public procurement, unfair and distorted competition, the large informal economy, money laundering, the changes frequent fiscal legislation and weak implementation of contracts are constant challenges for investments and doing business in Albania, or even the major concern of this decade which is depopulation and emigration, especially of the young and qualified workforce, in addition to the news sad news of the permanent separation of Albanian families, after the monthly reports from the governmental Instat about the often double-digit growth of the food basket, after the position of the EBRD which has assessed that the satisfaction of living in Albania is at the same levels as those of 2006, some other disturbing data have already been officially reported by the Government and the Ministry of Finance.

It is about the reporting of the fiscal indicators of 2023, the results of which at first glance would be good news considering the fact that the government has collected a full 700 million euros more in revenue than the previous year, but when you see that these the money did not come from a comprehensive economic development, but mostly as a result of the increase in unaffordable prices for the majority of families, from the increase in taxes, from the increase in social contributions that came simply as a result of the increase in the minimum wage on a national scale and of salary increases mainly for the political and administrative leadership class, at these moments we understand that even this latest news is simply discouraging and adds to the long list of problems that the country has.

During 2023, the losers were citizens, families and local enterprises, who paid 700 million euros more in taxes, but this money was not returned to any of these three categories for a better life or with better quality services.

During 2023, families on economic assistance and those with disabled persons received only 3.3 million euros more than what they received during 2022.

During 2023, about 130 million euros were spent for the indexation of pensions, for the year-end half-cock bonus, salary increase, baby bonus and financial compensation for former political victims, this value is the same as the budget funding that was carried out during the same year passed for that handful of PPP concession contracts, which, in addition to being clientelistic, have already been revealed by the prosecution as clearly corrupt affairs, such as the case of sterilization or the Tirana incinerator.

For the local entrepreneur, no help was given from the state budget during 2023, leaving them at the mercy of fate, especially when it comes to the manufacturers and exporters of the fashion sector, whose bankruptcies are now something normal and part of the routine. daily gray economic chronicle. The latter were left forgotten by the government in their fierce battle with the negative effects of the significant devaluation of the euro.

Many lost, but some were not forgotten for a day, and they are the ones who benefited and continue to benefit from tenders without competition at the limit of the inflated value of the limit fund, those who offer and benefit from government luxuries, or even those whose days pass stealing and abusing state finances and spending dinners with the rulers to close the next bargain.

These are the sad truths that we have raised many times out loud. Now the solution is one and only one: so that the people don't leave, the government must leave!

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