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Tensions in Kosovo, Spaho: Albania has not gathered either the Parliament or the Security Council for support

Tensions in Kosovo, Spaho: Albania has not gathered either the Parliament or the

Democratic deputy Edmond Spaho has made a reaction regarding the tense situation in Kosovo.

On Facebook, Spaho writes that it is a shame for Albania not to openly defend Kosovo, as he brings an example of his own where some Albanian media did not publish an article that Spaho had prepared about the situation in Kosovo.

The MP writes that NATO is rewarding Vucic's brigade.

Spaho says that the Albanians have always lost at critical moments as they have submitted to the internationals for their interests, and the government has not convened either the Security Council or the Parliament to provide support.

Post :

I wrote a post on FB about this issue four days ago when the riots started in the north of Kosovo. I sent the post to several media but no one published it.

It is a shame that Albania does not come out in defense of Kosovo. As a member of NATO, Albania must strongly oppose the cancellation of NATO's military maneuvers in Kosovo.

NATO is rewarding Serbian brigands and Vucic.

It is not Albin Kurti who caused the riots in the north, but Vucic's bandits and gangsters together with the Russian ones.

Vucic convenes the National Security Council every day for the interests of Serbia, while Albania neither convenes the Security Council nor the Parliament to give at least moral support to Kosovo.

Albanians have always lost in critical moments because they have been subservient to internationals, cowards for their own interests and have seen the chair above national interests. Shame!

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