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Protested / Basha from Durrës: We did not come to insult any democrat, they are a minority

Protested / Basha from Durrës: We did not come to insult any democrat, they

In his speech during the meeting with the democrats of Durrës, Lulzim Basha commented on the protest with which he was received.

He said that he is not in Durrës to insult the Democrats, but described the Democrats as a minority who protested against his visit, which they express disappointed with Basha and accuse him of being sold to the government.

According to Basha, the Democrats who oppose him are defending the interest of former leader Sali Berisha. He says that Berisha's announcement "non grata" was a friend of the Democratic Party, while he said that on January 8 he crossed the red line.

Basha did not spare the accusations against the former leader, claiming that Berisha wanted to lead the Democrats to brother murder.

"We have not come to insult any single Democrat. We have not come to slander any Albanian and no longer to members of our political family. We have not come to lie. Above all we have not come for ourselves. We all came for the Democratic Party because that is how we came for Durrës and Albania.

We have come for the PD at a special moment when a small minority, gathered precisely because of the opposite, gathers to slander and lie to lynch the democrats of sacrifice.

They are a minority because they are united by no ideal and no cause, but the personal plight of a single man. He promised in the middle of the summer that he would not take the party hostage for personal reasons. The 'non grata' announcement from the US was really a shock to us. "But seeing how he treats the Democrats every day, and how he crossed the red line on January 8, he wanted to lead the Democrats to murder brothers", said Basha.


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