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Vasili: Shpiragu left us, only the trickster Rama remained

Vasili: Shpiragu left us, only the trickster Rama remained

The MP of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, has published a video, when Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the oil discovered in Shpirag would increase Albania's economy.

On Facebook, Vasili writes that the "Shell" company has officially announced its withdrawal from Shpiragu. For Vasili, the statement about oil in Shpirag was just a hoax.


In the middle of the summer heat, twisting his voice with mysterious tonalities and inflections, Karajozi Rama interpreted the next disgusting variety show with the bombastic news about Shpirag oil.

Karagjozi in a mysterious voice Rama said:

"This wealth will impact pensions, the education system, health, the well-being of our children. They will be the biggest beneficiaries that we will properly build a serious sovereign fund for the protection, guarantee and strengthening of sovereignty", said Rama.

The Shell company has announced that this work was a huge loss of 600 million euros and without any benefit.

"For the first quarter, well exploration write-offs are expected to be 0.6 billion dollars, mainly in Albania," the company stated in the financial results update for the first quarter of the year.

Karagjozi oilman Rama finished the fairy tale with Shpiragu.

Summer is coming get ready.

Get ready to wait for the next donkey of schoolboy Rama.

Gomarllek followed by the idiotic hysteria of the Ramist media and the vocal twists of the mysterious voice of Rame the liar.

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