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Berisha's video message: The opposition is the last hope for the country

Berisha's video message: The opposition is the last hope for the country

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a separate appeal from his June 18 speech addressed to Albanian citizens, emphasizes the need to denounce any abuse and violation of the law by this government.

In the video message that the leader of the opposition has titled "The opposition is the last hope for the country", he addresses the Albanians saying that they are the only hope, they are the ones who denounce every theft and crime of this government.

"My friends! Every day once and a hundred times a day, you must repeat to yourself that you are the last hope of this country, that you are the only ones who face tooth for tooth, who denounce every day the blacks of this regime against Albanian citizens .

Report the limitless and unimaginable theft!

Denounce the terrible connections with crime that turned Albania into a narco-dictatorship!

Denounce the violation of the freedoms and rights of Albanians, the only nation today with missing justice!

Rightly denounce the prices among the highest in Europe, while the pockets have the lowest income in Europe!

Denounce the lightning destruction of the nation's culture, national cultural institutions as never before in its free existence!

Denounce the unlimited flipping of education in Albania, the decline in ten years of the greatest black renaissance in Europe and the world, the decline of 62 points in the PISA system!

Rightly denounce the destruction of the health system!" , declares Berisha.

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