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Zhulali: Rama's case with McGonigal is being handled separately in the Washington Court

Zhulali: Rama's case with McGonigal is being handled separately in the

The head of the Department for Foreign Policy in DP, Ilda Zhulali, said that the case of Prime Minister Rama in the scandal with McGonigal is currently in the Washington Court.

In a direct link to Syri Tv, Zhulali said that there is a tendency to remove Rama from the scandal, when in fact he has not only an indictment in New York, but also one in Washington.

According to Zhulali, the issue of Rama's involvement is being handled separately in another court from where the case of the Russian oligarch Deripaska is being handled.

"This scandal belongs to both countries equally. There is a misunderstanding when he says that Rama is not involved. In fact, if we remove Mr. Rama's name from the McGonigal case, then he would only have one indictment in New York court. But he also has another indictment in court, in Washington DC Rama is the most talked about individual, whose name is mentioned 14 times and whose activity is the fundamental problem of the whole case raised in Washington DC The removal of Edi Rama from this equation would completely change the legal position of Mr. McGonigal himself in the USA. But the truth is this, he is directly involved in this case, in a special court in Washington, that is, separately from the Deripaska case" , said Zhulali.  

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