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Zhupa: 12 SP MPs were used as cards by Rama to exterminate the protected areas!

Zhupa: 12 SP MPs were used as cards by Rama to exterminate the protected areas!

Deputy Ina Zhupa stated from the blue headquarters that yesterday the Assembly in a 4-minute session approved the draft law on protected areas, which turns them into construction sites, tourist resorts, strategic investments, infrastructural investments, but not into protected areas.

Together with a group of experts in the field, Zhupa strongly criticized the change of the law in the Assembly by the majority, which brought the reaction and raised questions even at the EU Delegation in Tirana.

"In the framework of accession negotiations, the adoption of laws on issues covered by EU legislation presupposes genuine and comprehensive public consultation, as well as a predictable and transparent process. The EU delegation will follow the implementation very closely of new legal provisions for protected areas, according to the EU's legal framework for environmental protection and Albania's international commitments" , said Zhupa.

In front of the media, the deputy stated that 12 socialist deputies were used to give their names by Edi Rama to bring the law of protected areas to the Parliament, the law that destroys protected areas.

"This is the wall of shame! These are 12 deputies, most of whom have never spoken in parliament, who do not bring any bill for the benefit of those voters who gave them their vote or who bought their vote, but bring a draft laws that if you catch them personally they don't even know what they wrote about because they only put their signature there.

Some of them also release videos on social networks about how to protect the environment or how not to throw bags on the street, while signing how to exterminate thousands of hectares of forests, how to make wild animals disappear in Albania, how to destroy flora and fauna, the health of Albanians, the natural and cultural history of Albanians.

These are hidden, but they are the ones who are used in the worst possible way by this majority that the deputies have turned into cardboard people and who do not have the dignity to defend even what they sign.

The protected areas law that passed yesterday in the parliament has 3 main points:

1- There is no more zoning of protected areas. You can build at any point of the protected areas, it is enough to get the approval from KKRT, it is enough for the Council of Ministers, Edi Rama to give you the fap e fap signature and you can build in any protected area of ​​Albania. You can build in Butrint, Karavasta, etc.

It is the first time that an environment minister has defended the destruction of the environment. It is the first time that it can be justified that concrete and not nature was used for tourism.

It is the first time that you can be punished for killing wild animals, but you are allowed to exterminate wild animals by destroying their entire habitat, if you are a strategic investor. And this was done with a drop of the pencil, without public consultations, without hearing the voice of the environmental organizations that protested yesterday in front of the Assembly of Albania, without considering the experts, without conducting a public consultation process, without listening to the recommendations of the EU , without consulting the conventions in which Albania is a part, and it was done only by listening to a circle of people who were the oligarchs who had prepared the construction plans for the protected areas.

2- This law removes from decision-making the experts, the local government, the management plans of these areas and brings them to a political level, brings them to the Council of Ministers. Now the Council of Ministers will take decisions on where to build and where not to build in the protected areas.

Yesterday, Mirela Kumbaro, who I can say is undoubtedly the most failed minister of the Rama cabinet, said that with this law no construction will be done in protected areas. If that were the case, there was no need at all to change the 2017 law, because with that law no construction is allowed in protected areas.

3- This law brings a very big, extraordinary damage, not only in the legal and constitutional aspects that it contains, related to the concept of public interest, related to the concept of respecting the international agreements that we are part of. They are all violations of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, it openly violates the vital and health interests of Albanians ," Zhupa declared.

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