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100 years Albania-America, experts in Politico: Unique relationship, but corrupt politicians hurt them

100 years Albania-America, experts in Politico: Unique relationship, but corrupt

100 years Albania - America is the topic of discussion in the show 'Politiko' on Top News with Alfred Lela this evening.

The guests in the studio have analyzed why America's relationship with Albanians over the years has been considered so special, taking into account the historical facts.

Ndriçim Kulla, publisher, author of the book 'Albanian-Americans' : US-Albania relations are special that you rarely find in other nations. Equate Jews and English. We are a people who first established relations with the Americans as friendly, before establishing state relations.

Në kohën e perandorisë otomane kishte nisur të eksploronte vende të ndryshme si Shqipëria, kishte dërguar misionarë që vinin me maskën e bamirësit, por donin të njihnin kombit shqiptarë.

Kjo përkon edhe me demonstrimet publik, Neë York Times ka shkruar shumë herët për shqiptarët. Na konsideronin si Turqi të vogël, kur iknin nga ne kishin konsiderata tjera.

Amerika donte që përmes Shqipërisë donte të ndërtonte etikën gjeopolitike në Europë dhe Shqipërinë do ta merrte si shembull.

Former MP Ervin Bushati: The US is the best and biggest partner of the country and is embroidered in the DNA of Albanians as a state. It was the unique factor for Albania and Kosovo to be created under the US vision. We have faith or religion America. If you look at the polls, Albanians trust the US more than God. He is a good and great friend. They have helped us are the inspiration of democracy and the rule of law.

Eduard Zaloshnja: Pregnancy is found in the Peace conference where after the decision to enter the war alongside the allies decided the fate of that war and the Versailles conference.

He raised as a principle that small countries should not fall prey to powerful imperialist countries, the principle of self-determination of countries and Albania was the best example to exercise this principle. It was a place that did not have the support of a great power. The country is thanks to that decision.  

Former MP Rudina Hajdari: It is a common interest, from the US it has been geo-political having an influence in our bay, taking into account the cold war. Our geographical position is advantageous to the US. Our country's politicians have damaged this report in the last 30 years, as they have been easily corrupt, but again the US has not given up on Albanians by investing in various sectors.

Analyst Genc Burimi: Albania's entry into the Council of Nations saved Albania, but we should be grateful to the United States. In this 100th anniversary we come sadly that in one year 30 years of relations between the two countries are damaged.

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