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Accidents at work, 32 people lost their lives in 2022, the risky sector 'delivery'

Accidents at work, 32 people lost their lives in 2022, the risky sector

The State Labor Inspectorate has requested that there be increased attention to the delivery service sector because the employees, mainly motorcyclists, are the ones who risk their lives the most.

Their work environment is the road and the results of 2022 show that of the total number of accidents at work, those on the road account for 32 percent.

"The highest percentage of accidents resulting in death is occupied by road accidents which account for 32% of accidents resulting in death in total. Based on this analysis of fatal accidents, increased attention should be paid to the delivery services sector in relation to the performance and control of the risk assessment document for the "motorist" profession, since his workplace is driving on the road. the report says.

As for accidents at work without resulting in death, there are some sectors that have a high percentage of occurrence, where at least four are the most typical.

Manufacturing enterprises are classified in the first place. "It should be noted that minor accidents or incidents and road accidents have occurred in these subjects, which indicates an increase in the awareness of employers to declare any accident or incident to the PIHSH," the report states.

Other activities, where a high percentage (14.1% of the total number of accidents) are traffic accidents which occurred mainly in delivery services and on the way from home to work and vice versa.

According to the report, another sector is construction, but compared to previous years, we have a decrease in the number of accidents at work in this sector, followed by mining-quarries, accidents that occurred in galleries, where underground inspection is not the competence of the State Inspectorate. of Labor and Social Services, but of the National Authority for Safety and Emergencies in Mines (AKSEM). However, all cases of accidents at work in mines have been accompanied by inspections for accidents at work.

During the year 2022, 184 workers were injured, of which 32 workers lost their lives. In 2021, there were 31 employees with a fatal loss of life./Monitor

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