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Accused of producing and selling drugs, AMP arrests the Fier officer and 3 other people

Accused of producing and selling drugs, AMP arrests the Fier officer and 3 other

The Police Surveillance Agency (Fier-Berat Region), in the framework of the proactive investigation with special methods, finalized the operation to strike a criminal group in implementation of the decision of the Court of First Instance of Fier General Jurisdiction, arresting in the act the employee of of the police Lorenc Gropa, with the duty of the General Patrol Service Unit at the Fier Police Station, as well as citizens KG and LG, suspected of committing the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics", an activity which they allegedly carried out in the premises of a bar coffee, in Patos. It is learned that the bar was owned by the police.

"From the inspection of the LG police officer's apartment, a bag of white powder, apparently a cocaine-type narcotic weighing about 41.25 grams, 2 cigarettes with hashish narcotic, 2 weighing scales were seized as material evidence. of narcotics, a TT type firearm, a Carbine type firearm and 11 mobile devices.

From ongoing progressive investigative actions such as statements and phone surveillance, the implication in the arms trafficking in the Greek state of the citizen SL, who was arrested for "Trafficking in arms and ammunition", as he was negotiating with other citizens regarding this illegal activity.

Also, the citizen BF, suspected of "Organization of illegal games" and "Making facilities available for illegal games", as well as the citizen MG, suspected of "Manufacturing and possession of weapons without permission" of hunting and sports". Investigations are continuing for the possible involvement of citizens or other police officers in this illegal activity," the police explained.

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