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American analyst: Blinken made a mistake in Tirana, he should have met all parties

American analyst: Blinken made a mistake in Tirana, he should have met all

American analyst, Edward Joseph, professor at John Hopkins University, commented on the visit of American Secretary Antony Blinken to Tirana and the avoidance of meetings with the opposition.

On Syri tv, Joseph said it was wrong that the Secretary of State did not meet the opposition representatives during his visit to Albania and that the US missed the opportunity to meet all parties and echo the principles of democracy.

" I don't always criticize the United States. The Biden administration has its faults, Secretary of State Blinken is actively involved in the region.

We see his correspondence, the last visit he made to Tirana where Secretary Blinken expressed support and gratitude for Albania for the support it has given to the USA.

Prime Minister Rama certainly deserves these praises, but what we need to see from the United States is that they raise their voice in the name of democracy. Secretary Blinken should have met with members of the opposition. He should have made it clear to Prime Minister Rama that competitive, fair and transparent elections are necessary because they are the essential link of democracy.

We need a functional parliament where we can be consulted, have discussions because this is the essence of democracy. The United States believes in a competitive and active democracy. Political parties can easily criticize the situation and the media have the same access. This was a mistake on the part of Blinken because the US lost the opportunity in the visit to Tirana to meet all parties, not only Mr. Rama, in order to echo the democratic principles ", said Joseph.


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