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Artan Hoxha: Laert Haxhi's group has killed more than anyone in the last decade

Artan Hoxha: Laert Haxhi's group has killed more than anyone in the last

Journalist Artan Hoxha, invited to the show "The Unexposed" on Mcn TV, spoke about the six murders solved by the authorities after the cooperation with the repentant Artan Tafani. 

Hoxha said that it is about a group of hired killers, known as Laert Haxhiu's group, who have committed more murders than any other group in the last decade.

Artan Hoxha: It is a very successful operation, because it removed from circulation a group that may have committed the largest number of murders in Albania in the last decade.

They have lit Lushnja on fire. It is a very important group, the most important in the field of paid murders and murders that have been done by clearing, by exchange. Any group that needed to eliminate opponents contacted them.

In the part of murders, it was a very important group. The leader of the group, Laert Haxhiu, has never been caught. Now it is in Ioannina. He was captured by Greece and was refused extradition to Albania. We hope that Greece will allow the extradition on appeal. The investigation was carried out by the Prosecution of Elbasan.

Since October 17, Marjus Tafani has been wanted and has continued to commit other crimes. He killed Elton Mermal, a former member of Aldo Bare's group.

Marjus Tafani and Lulzim Spahija took Elton Mermal in the car, they took him with the pretense that we have a person who has good goods, to consume narcotics.

The victim was found in a place known as the animal slaughterhouse, he was found with three bullets. There was a time when everyone was being hit even in Aldo Bare's distant circle. The mother made the complaint, and the next day the discovery of the corpse was reported. The investigation of the prosecutor's office of Elbasan has started.


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