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Begaj: Tensions in Kosovo, unnecessary

Begaj: Tensions in Kosovo, unnecessary

The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, has considered the tensions in the North of Kosovo unnecessary, bringing strain to the strategic partners.

Begaj's statement came at a joint conference with his Estonian counterpart.

" No one is satisfied with behaviors that do not serve the region, at the moment when the entire Western Balkans region is in the process of integration. At the time when we were waiting for the development of negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia, we had a tense situation, which was used by the Serbian citizens in the north of Kosovo.

Criminals who committed violence against journalists, against citizens of Kosovo, and KFOR soldiers, bring consequences for the international community, which has brought unnecessary strain on strategic partners. The situation requires a solution that I believe will be taken into consideration by the leaders", said Begaj.

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