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Ben Blushi talks about leaving politics: 90% of politicians do not retire because they do not know how to do other work

Ben Blushi talks about leaving politics: 90% of politicians do not retire

Former deputy Ben Blushi has gone back in time and talked about his departure from politics.

During an interview in "Open" on Neës 24, he says that he left when he no longer wanted to do that job.

According to Blush, today 90% of politicians do not leave because they do not know how to do other work.

Excerpt from the interview:

Do you think that with all the saga of novels you have, you have created readers or electorates?

I am a person who had the opportunity to be elected and I lost it on purpose, because of the way I wanted to do that job. And I lost the electorate, knowingly. I could have continued to hang around the TV counters every night, cursing one, cursing the other. I left it knowingly. Who could tell me to leave? The cycle returns, when it returns to those who are 80 years old, why didn't it return to me who was 45 years old at the time? I could go out, compromise and hang out. Do you know why I ran away? That I didn't like anything. Second, it was a tasteless life to make the compromise I see on TV every day. I didn't like that, so I left. I have no intention of creating an electoral district, I don't have it as a project. I like when I see that the ideas I have have an impact on people. I am having a debate tonight on Bach, is there or is there no God, and there are people who can get into a dilemma about this. These may have artistic value, but they also have utilitarian value. I like what I write, I will not do politics and I hope not to do it again. What do I love him for?

Do you rule it out?
I ran away from politics because where I was, I was not a free man. I had to respect the rules of a majority or a minority, rules that I didn't like. This is how man has been deformed in 5 thousand years. The church forces you to think what it wants, even political parties sometimes force you to believe things you don't like. There are people who submit to get any job. I didn't have that worry. I write, read, do other things. 90% of those who are still there do you know why they are? That they don't know how to do other work. I can do other jobs, I can be a journalist in the field, I can write books, I can direct a television, I can become an analyst like you who live with this job, I do it and I am freer. I have no more responsibilities.

Where did you take the politician Ben Blush?
it's in my memory drawer. But he is a free man. I ran away as a free man. As a submissive I would still be there. I ran away saying what I don't like. For better or for worse, most of the things I said came out. I spoke about the depopulation of Albania first in the Parliament in 2012. Albania then had 500 thousand more inhabitants than today. One came out and mocked saying "look what Ben Blushi says, a day will come when we will no longer work our fields". Is this happening? This is happening. If I were a classic party member, saying this they would say "you are saying that our party is governing badly and people are running away".


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