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Berisha: I invite the Albanian youth to stand up in civil disobedience until the overthrow of this regime

Berisha: I invite the Albanian youth to stand up in civil disobedience until the

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, made a call to the Albanian citizens, and in particular, to the young people, exactly today on Youth Day, the day when 33 years ago the students rose up in protests and overthrew the dictatorship.

Berisha: I will close this speech with my call: it belongs to us, it belongs to the DP to make every decision, to make every effort to organize the Albanians in an irreversible battle, in an irreversible civil disobedience until the overthrow of this the anti-Albanian, anti-democratic regime.

I will recall just one moment from the meeting with Ramiz Ali on August 10. Among other things, when we tell him that the removal of Stalin's monument is a good thing for Kosovo as well, Sali says that you and I are a little Kosovar, I reply that I am Kosovar, while he sometimes says I am, sometimes not , as it suited them.

That those Kosovars, he said, go to the UN, protest there and demand that Albania protect Kosovo. This was Ramiz Ali's position in relation to Kosovo in August 1990.

What was the position of Edi Rama in these years in relation to Kosovo? The most hostile position than any other leader in the Balkans, except for Aleksandar Vucic.

Even our tolerance towards this attitude, to admit it openly, shames us, does not honor us. It is not possible for patriotic and patriotic people to accept as a ruler an enemy, a vassal, an argat or a Pašić from Belgrade in Tirana.

All these are calls, but December 8 has the message, a call to the youth. And the PD will be able to win this battle and will win, with one condition, the engagement and mobilization of the Albanian youth, and those who have remained here, who have resisted the genocide of Edi Rama.

I guarantee you that there is no dictator, there is no dictatorship, moreover this is a dictatorship of a NATO member country, this is a terrible aberration for the alliance. The alliance is an alliance of democratic countries and this is the only dictatorship, which for us makes it even more possible to fulfill our obligation to overthrow it.

I wish on this occasion all those thousands and thousands of students who on December 8 started their liberation movement for Albania and I invite the Albanian youth to rise to the height of the new mission, because a second civil disobedience or a second revolution with civil disobedience is decisive today for the fate of Albania.

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