Blockade in Rinas, Meta: I asked the controllers to continue working, Balluku came out to provoke me

Blockade in Rinas, Meta: I asked the controllers to continue working, Balluku

Meta from Vlora : “To local and foreign citizens, it affects international security and not only national. It's a wrong message and nerves on both sides. For more than 10 months it has raised its claims not only against the ministry, but also the aviation authorities and international institutions for all reasons because it is also NATO space and has never had a dialogue with their union and institutions.

Seeing the problem without elections, I waited for a meeting of one of their representatives and it became public, they underlined the fact that their rights were violated.

Opposed to the suspension of violated rights. For more than 10 months they had not received any response and no one had responded. After this meeting we sent a letter to the Minister and the Prime Minister as well as informing our international partners as it may contain a security risk. I asked them with full responsibility and appealed to the controllers to continue working without interruption, as territorial space is a vital issue.

I have a question for the minister who came out today to provoke the president. made a day when it took six months or a year. The issue of wages is a business issue. I express my regret for the action of the controllers, even those who have been fired, but first of all I want to call on the incumbent Prime Minister to call his mind that he can not play such games. We are not in Latin America here. "I do not lose patience and do not worry about provocations that have only one problem, the drama of the pluralist elections that will take place and the ball does not play", said Meta.

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