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MPs of the Italian DP visit Gjadër: Rama-Meloni agreement, failed advertisement for the European elections

MPs of the Italian DP visit Gjadër: Rama-Meloni agreement, failed

"Do you understand what you are doing? You are violating human rights, you are spending a large amount of public money and above all you are not even able to keep what you have said".

This is how Matteo Mauri, deputy of the Democratic Party, addresses Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Defense after the visit made this morning together with colleagues Simona Bonafè, Enzo Amendola and Matteo Orfini in Albania in the areas where they will the two centers for immigrants foreseen by the agreement between the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama are erected, writes La Repubblica. 

Only bulldozers and trucks
A few bulldozers and a couple of trucks and nothing else are in the Gjaderi area where the military engineers have not yet completed the excavation work, which is very complicated as the terrain is very rough.

According to the calendar announced by the Meloni government, the centers should have already been inaugurated on Monday, May 20, but as predicted in recent weeks by Repubblica, the delivery of the works is scheduled for the end of autumn and therefore the project for contracting immigrants.

Asylum requests coming from safe havens, which Meloni is proud enough to propose as a pioneer for Europe, will surely not be able to leave this summer. And this despite the fact that the prefecture of Rome has already awarded the contract for the management of services, starting on May 20.

Democratic Party: "Electoral advertisement for the European elections"

Meloni's attempt to have an electoral ad about immigrants for the European elections failed miserably. We are facing more than 70 thousand square meters. The works have barely started, despite the announcements of the Government that had set the opening date of the center on May 20, 2024 ", declare the deputies of the DP, on the ground to check the progress of the agreement.

“The only thing that moves is the cost box. We have now gone from the initial 653 million to over 800 million. And the necessary resources continue to grow, as we already reported at the signing of the agreement.

It is clear that we are facing a ridiculous attempt to pay for an electoral advertisement for the European elections. A government trying to hide its obvious failures with propaganda. We ask Meloni to give up this project and shift the resources towards strengthening the resources that will be allocated to the national health system .

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