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American Chamber: For companies concerned about finding qualified staff

American Chamber: For companies concerned about finding qualified staff

In Albania, while the business climate appears to have improved, according to the business index of the American Chamber (AmCham) for 2023 published on Monday, finding qualified employees continues to remain a serious problem. Chamber members' perception of the business climate has improved by +5.02 points compared to 2022.

Finding qualified local staff is still reported to be difficult or very difficult by 74.1% of companies that participated in the annual survey. It is among the top 5 concerns raised by companies, along with the issues of "Monopoly and unfair competition", "Level of informal economy", "Government bureaucracy" and "Overall level of taxation", despite a slight improvement compared to last year.

The index for 2023 reached 47.57 out of 100, increasing by +4.16 points from 43.42 in 2022, while remaining below 50, out of 100 points marking the maximum positive limit. The respondents' perception of the "Performance of the Albanian economy" in 2023 has improved significantly (+13.99 points). Even for the year 2024, the members of the American Chamber predict a positive trend for its performance as well as for investments or the business climate.

"Energy supply" and "Order and security in the country" turned out to be the areas with the best perception for the companies surveyed during 2023. "Energy supply" reached the highest score of 72.05, while the indicator "Order and Security" reached 64.44 points, improving significantly by +7.85 points. A similar positive perception was also reported in 2023 for the relationship with the public administration, where the most positive indicator is still the relationship with the Customs Authorities, while that with the tax administration, there was a very slight decrease.

As for the economy, an improvement was observed for "Demand for goods and services" (+3.90 points), "Employment" (+5.01 points) and "Investments" (+5.15 ​​points). While the indicator for "Demand for goods and services in exports" decreased by -3.29 points for the same period, reflecting the blow that exports received due to the devaluation of the European currency Euro, against the local currency Lek. VOA

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