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""Digjet" Fieri, 11 active foci, problematic situation in the forest of Darëzeza

""Digjet" Fieri, 11 active foci, problematic situation in the

The fire situation in the municipalities of Fier, Patos and Mallakastër this Saturday experienced one of the most difficult days for 2023, in terms of the aggravated situation with the fires that have appeared one after the other.

Multiple fires have been activated during the afternoon and dozens of fire brigades are on the ground fighting the flames.

According to the sources, there were at least 11 active fires during the day, where the most problematic remains the one in the Darëzeza forest, where with the darkness it becomes impossible not only to intervene with firefighting equipment, but also from the air.

Meanwhile, it is known that several fires are currently active, where the one in Dërmenas of Libofsha is among the most problematic. There, the flames are approaching a cattle stable and houses in the area.

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