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She wanted to betroth him reluctantly, the 19-year-old girl in Durrës kills her father and buries him in the yard of the apartment

She wanted to betroth him reluctantly, the 19-year-old girl in Durrës kills

A serious incident happened in the city of Durrës. Pellumb Meta, 50 years old, was declared missing for 10 days by his family members. The complaint was made by his son.

But, after research, the police discovered the incident and the 50-year-old man was found buried in the yard of his apartment. His 19-year-old daughter, HM, killed her father with a firearm and then buried his body in the yard.

The girl has stated that the motive that pushed her to kill her father is the fact that he wanted to betroth her against her will, as well as conflicts in the family.

Meanwhile, the body of the 50-year-old man is being examined, while the 19-year-old woman has been arrested.

"On 13.02.2024, around 22:30, citizen HM, 25 years old, resident of the village of Shënavlash Durrës, reported to the police that his father, citizen PM, 50 years old, resident of Shënavlash, Durrës, had left the apartment , and that they had lost contact with him.    

After this report, the Police services immediately started the search and on 17.02.2024, they made it possible to find the vehicle of the citizen PM, parked on the Shënavlash-Sektor Rinia road axis.  

The special investigative group set up for this case, led by the Prosecutor's Office, continued the investigations and searches, as it was suspected that the 50-year-old had disappeared.

As a result of the in-depth investigations, it became possible to clarify the disappearance of the citizen PM. From the evidence provided, it is suspected that this citizen had not disappeared, but had been killed in the apartment. 

Also, from the investigations, it is suspected that the author of the murder of the 50-year-old is his daughter, a citizen of HM, 19 years old, who has been arrested for the criminal offense "Murder due to family relations". 

The HM citizen has stated that the motive for the murder was her father's encouragement to get engaged against her will, as well as the family conflicts they had.   

The special investigative group is continuing the in-depth investigations to identify and bring before the legal responsibility, other citizens implicated in this event. The body of the citizen PM was exhumed and transported to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, for further expertise.   

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Durrës, for further actions" , the announcement states.

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