The two accidents of the former director of Customs, the man who discovered the intimate relationship reacts

The two accidents of the former director of Customs, the man who discovered the

Two consecutive accidents happened yesterday in the city of Vlora on the Trans-Balkan road, and both had the former director of Fier Customs, Arlind Lagji, as the protagonist.

The 46-year-old driving a "Volkswagen Tuareg" type vehicle, first hit a pedestrian. As he tried to leave the scene with his foot on the gas pedal, another vehicle crashed a few meters away.

Meanwhile, Lagji has been handcuffed by the police and charged with "Driving vehicles in an irregular manner", "Violation of traffic rules" and "Leaving the scene of the accident", in connection with two consecutive accidents. Algert Beluli also reacted. Beluli is the ex-husband of Lagji's girlfriend, while he himself was married.

Beluli published audio recordings with the former director of Customs, where Lagji threatened him with the girl's life and told him 'I will make the body thela-thela', while the story started after the intimate relationship that Beluli's wife, Anxhela Ngjeqari, had established with the 46-year-old.

Beluli declares that Lagji has intervened to save Anxhela Ngjeqari from the accusations for the accident that her ex-wife caused to him, where she tried to take his life by crushing him with a car. According to him, all the evidence exists in the prosecutor's office and no measures have been taken, so Beluli is afraid that Lagji will emerge unscathed even from yesterday's accident.

Beluli has also stated that he had to leave Albania after discovering his wife's infidelity with the former head of Fier customs, who then raped her.

" This is a repeated case, after he hit me he left. This is a very clearly warned case, that I have denounced that person to the state authorities. No action has been taken against that person. He goes out on the street, as if he has not committed any crime. I am here because in Albania I was persecuted by the person, by unidentified persons. After that, no one came to guarantee me, I asked for asylum. Based on what I find, I suspect that the prosecutor's office of Fier is caught in the crime. I appeal to public opinion that the person in question can take people's lives, he declares that he is a criminal, that he knows about murder", says Beluli.

The conflict between Lagji and Belulaj became public some time ago, where the latter denounced Lagji and his wife for having an extramarital affair, while after the accusations, the former Fier customs director was suspended.

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