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NAMES/ Albanians and Italians bought 31 restaurants in Florence, under investigation

NAMES/ Albanians and Italians bought 31 restaurants in Florence, under

A major joint operation between the Guardia di Finanza, SCICO, the Antimafia Directorate of the Florence District in Italy and SPAK in Albania led to the execution of 23 checks in various Italian and Albanian cities.

Investigations revealed that the criminal association would have used illegal income to buy or rent numerous commercial businesses in the heart of Florence.

 In particular, 31 restaurants, two hotels and car rental businesses were allegedly bought with dirty money. In addition, the organization would have invested in a beer production company and in shares of an amateur soccer club from Ischia.

The 23 checks were carried out by the Guardia di Finanza and SCICO in several Italian cities, including Florence, Livorno and Naples. Police also used specialized dog units, so-called "money dogs" from Bologna, Rimini and Florence, to find cash and other valuables.

The investigation took on an international dimension, with searches also coordinated in Albania by the Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime in Tirana. Albanian law enforcement agencies carried out checks in Vlorë, Tirana, Durrës and Elbasan, in cooperation with the Italian Guardia di Finanza.

The cooperation between the Italian and Albanian authorities made it possible to extend the investigation beyond national borders, showing the common commitment in the fight against transnational organized crime. The searches in Albania represented a fundamental step in dismantling the criminal association and identifying assets acquired with dirty money.


According to the investigations, the promoters and organizers of the criminal association are an Italian and an Albanian. Over time, the two would have involved many other entities in the network of illegal activities.

 Some suspects allegedly reinvested the illegal money in luxury goods to hide the traces of their illegal activities.

The leaders of the group are 40-year-old Eluert Kamami, 55-year-old Giuseppe Taglialatela, former goalkeeper of Fiorentina and Naples, now legal representative of the Ischia club, and 49-year-old Alessandro Bigi from Florence.

Names of persons under investigation:

Eluert Kamami, Alessandro Bigi, Albiona Ziaj, Gazment Kociu, Redon Marku, Samir Houjeiri, Giuseppe Taglialatela, Eros Gjona, Orkes Kamami

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