Fuga distances himself from ASH study on herd immunity: Hasty and without transparency

Fuga distances himself from ASH study on herd immunity: Hasty and without
Academician Artan Fuga

Academician Artan Fuga as a member of the Academy of Sciences has distanced himself from the latest statement of this institution that in Albania the immunity of the herd is being achieved.

Through a statement on Facebook, Fuga says that these statements are not credible, as they are hasty and unverified and without respecting the deontology of scientific research.

According to him, the Academy of Sciences for its purposes, puts the official seal on these individual studies, without having any argument, no competence and no legal right to formalize certain results of individual research.

"The Academy of Sciences formalizes the results of a study made by specific persons, it states that it takes months to write the final report of the study, thus rushing to present unstructured data through complete scientific reasoning and not subject to public judgment, which "is the first requirement of a truly transparent and credible science," Fuga said.

He says that ASh should not engage in responsibilities for which it does not have sufficient authority and competence.

"Achieving the immunity of the herd that takes over the Academy of Sciences without any institutional competence is a fact that today can neither be tested nor refuted," the academic added.

According to him, the right way would be exactly for the public power to mobilize the scientific community and specialized services to seriously diagnose, outside of unscientific purposes, the state of the epidemic in the country.


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