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Reporter: I was taken from a fish bar for Dako's arrest

Reporter: I was taken from a fish bar for Dako's arrest

Journalist Bledian Koka said that he heard the news about the possible arrest of Vangjush Dako three days ago.

Invited to the show "Log." he said that an acquaintance of his who was staying at a fish bar in Durrës called him and told him that Dako will be arrested.

Koka said that with this debunking, the seriousness of the prosecution body is called into question.

" Three days ago, they called me on the phone from a fish restaurant in Durrës and told me: "Brother, I'm here and they say Vangjush Dako will be arrested." When will you and I find out, and Vangjush Dako when did he find out about this business?! We question the seriousness of the prosecuting body", he declared.

He said that today Dako is also accused of attempted murder due to the damage caused by the earthquake, and if the charges are proven, they could result in a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

"Dako is also accused today of attempted murder. It is a very heavy file that Dako will hardly throw away in a few years. Abuse of duty also has a chain effect. If this abuse of duty has endangered the lives of the residents, they can also be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

I think significant cases of people who have abused their office in many ways have ended up in lesser charges. Saimir Tahir was accused of abuse of office while he is one of the co-architects of cannabisization in Albania. Today, Vangjush Dako is added to the CV that Rama presents to internationals. He has taken over the authorship of the Reform in Justice and its implementation",  said Koka.




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