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Hackers attack Albanian Radio Television, demanded 300 thousand dollars for the return of the archive

Hackers attack Albanian Radio Television, demanded 300 thousand dollars for the

The digital archive of the Albanian Radio and Television has fallen prey to a cyber attack about two weeks ago. Report Tv exclusively learns that RTSH servers have been attacked by as yet unidentified individuals through a hacking system called ransomware.

The hackers demanded 300 thousand dollars to return the material to the Albanian Radio Television, but this agreement has not been reached yet. The hackers who entered the servers of RTSH through the online network, managed to encrypt the database of the Public Radio and Television, demanding a payment of 300 thousand dollars to decrypt it.

These types of attacks called Ramsomware are a very common form of cybercrime. 

According to Report Tv sources, RTSH has refused to pay anything, as most of the databases were fortunately copied to an offline backup. Sources for ReportTv said that as a result of this attack, only a part of the digital archive of Radio Tirana was damaged. The rest of the television archive has been recovered.

This is the second cyber attack in a few days on Albanian public institutions, where previously it was the server of the service of internal affairs and complaints to the State Police that fell prey to a similar hacking.

The CIA itself stated that “specialists in the Technology and Information Sector (IT) in the General Directorate of Internal Affairs and Complaints Service (CIA) have managed to prevent an attempted cyber attack on the central servers of the institution. Rapid and timely intervention has made it possible to block this attack by not allowing any damage or leakage of information to the Service. "Currently, IT specialists are working to further increase the security of all systems and the Service network."

But what is ransomware?

Ransomware is a subset of viruses in which the data on the victim or attacker's computer becomes unusable, usually with encryption. Money is required to retrieve this data.

Sipas ekspertëve të krimeve kompjuterike motivi për sulmet ransomware është zakonisht përfitimi monetar, dhe ndryshe nga llojet e tjera të sulmeve, viktima zakonisht njoftohet se ka ndodhur një ndërhyrje dhe i jepen udhëzime se si të rikuperojë të dhënat e humbura. Pagesa shpesh kërkohet në një monedhë virtuale, siç është bitcoin, në mënyrë që identiteti i hakerit apo grupit të hakerave në internet të mos dihet.

Virusi Ransomware mund të përhapet nëpërmjet rrjetit online, përmes e-mail ose në aplikacionet e softwerit të infektuar. Mënyra e vetme për tu mbrojtur është të kopjohet i  gjithë database në backup që mbeten offline, pra jo të aksueshme nga hackerat.

During the month of August, the prey of this massive attack through Ransomware was the region of Lazio in Italy where the servers of the regional health agency were attacked and from there the data of patients and health services were taken, including those for COVID-19. Report tv

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