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Property investigation for Veliaj and his family members, Lala: The phones of Ajola Xoxa's people were seized

Property investigation for Veliaj and his family members, Lala: The phones of

Journalist Klodiana Lala gave details on the investigation launched by SPAK on the property of the mayor Erion Veliaj and his family members. 

Invited to MCN, Lala said that SPAK is verifying accounts and information about them in banks and some other institutions, such as taxes and cadastre. She stated that SPAK has also seized the phones of people close to Ajola Xoxa, Veliaj's wife. 

"There is a property investigation for Mr. Veliaj. A letter has been sent to several institutions. We have secured the letter that was sent to the banks for Veliaj, his wife, brother and mother. Their transactions in the last ten years are also requested. Information on loans, If there are any, it has also been requested at the land registry office, to see if Veliaj and his family own property. 

Information has also been requested from taxes related to a company that Ms. Xoxa owns, which has a company that provides various services. Cellphones were seized from people very close to Ms. Xoxa. This investigation was opened only a few days after Mr. Veliaj was asked at SPAK about the Tirana incinerator. 

In the document, it is said that the Special Prosecutor's Office has registered criminal proceedings. This is the situation. The Special Prosecutor's Office will also have a request for help abroad to see Veliaj's travels, the people who accompanied him, expenses, hotel units, etc.

Earlier, SPAK signed an arrest warrant for the former deputy prime minister Ahmetaj, based only on wealth, and today he is wanted internationally.

The property investigation is an investigation, it's not just these four names. The property investigation also extends to persons who are connected. They can also be close people, friends, confidants, co-workers, businessmen.

What the Special Prosecutor's Office refuses to confirm is how this investigation was started. Has there been a referral from state institutions? Is it mostly launched? Or was there a warning from the banks ?", said Lala. 

 It is still unclear whether these SPAK actions have come within the framework of the investigations for the Tirana incinerator and 5D files, or for a new proceeding. 



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