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Horoscope, what the stars have in store for you today

Horoscope, what the stars have in store for you today


Try not to get involved in projects or discussions that do not belong to you, because you can no longer afford to waste time. New collaborations can lead to the success you seek. In love, it is advisable to be more understanding.


This is a very good moment to overhaul a long-term project in detail and make changes regarding things that do not convince you. It is recommended that you be more determined during this day. Meetings are also quite favored.


Try not to be humble in the workplace, because although you can show your capacity, you risk arousing the jealousy of others. It is advisable to follow more valuable suggestions of your colleagues. In the evening you should be more romantic, where small escapes are quite favorable.

The crab

This Thursday will find you very emotional and obviously indecisive. If some of your plans aren't going as planned, try to keep your cool.


Do not be too authoritative and rigid in the workplace, as if you are too cold or unavailable you risk making the situation tense. Some disagreements in love should be resolved as soon as possible.


This is the ideal period to bring about important transformations and changes for your current career. The horoscope of this September 6 finds you full of energy and desire to act. It is only advisable to be more active in love, in order to lay solid foundations for the future as a couple.


Try to always follow your intuition in order to better evaluate alternative strategies to achieve a goal you have set for yourself. Good answers in love will make you very euphoric.


This Thursday opens a very interesting weekend during which it is advisable to reflect more on the past and manage to make some strategic choices more carefully. You will be tested in love.


This is a day which will find you quite irritated at the workplace and this is because of some arguments with stubborn colleagues. Try to keep calm and do not make hasty decisions. Love is improving significantly.


All the efforts you have made over the past few weeks will pay off. These are days that see you calmer and more positive, thanks to the presence of a trusted person who will support you and make you feel loved.


Try to put aside all that confusion which during the last months has distracted you. There will be ongoing negotiations in the workplace which should be handled with utmost care. This Thursday is the right day to close all those stories that are no longer valid.


The sky will be cloudy for all those who wish to rekindle love and passion. Your charm will be at its maximum and therefore you will prove irresistible. Big achievements are just around the corner, but try not to neglect the new projects you're working on too much.

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