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Former Mujahideen charged with terrorism, SPAK: Co-operates with Iranian intelligence, prepares attack on MEK officials in Manez

Former Mujahideen charged with terrorism, SPAK: Co-operates with Iranian

Iranian Bijan Poolagrad is accused by SPAK as part of a terrorist cell, which was planning to carry out attacks on senior Iranian opposition officials, who are sheltered in Camp Ashfraf 3 in Manez, Durres.

The former resident of the mujahideen camp appeared this Monday before the Special Court, where he is expected to start the trial against him, for some accusations, such as "performing services and actions with persons declared women", "terrorist organizations", or "Illegal interception of computer data".

News24 learned that the defendant allegedly collaborated with Iranian intelligence agents known as the Revolutionary Guard and received payments from them.

In exchange, the former member of the mujahideen group was tasked with photographing MEK members and recording the places they frequented.
He received orders and instructions through the Telegram application, and according to the investigation, the assassination of a senior MEK figure was planned.
Referring to the investigative file, it turns out that a member of the Iranian intelligence instructed the defendant to obtain a Kalashnikov weapon on the black market and find trained persons who could commit murder.

Investigations into the defendant were initially launched at the Tirana Prosecutor's Office, referring to the anti-terrorism directorate, which had secured a report from a girl claiming that Poolagrad, with whom she had shared the same apartment for some time, had used her mobile phone.

Investigators found that the defendant had sent to the address of some people from Iran, later declared "under women" in our country, photos of the mujahedeen camp in Manza.

The defendant, who has been in custody since 2020, has denied the charges and pleaded not guilty. He will continue his confrontation with justice on July 7, the day when the next hearing was postponed, after the first one failed, due to the lack of an interpreter. Received from BW

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