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Wanted for attempted murder, Viktor Daçi was arrested in Greece

Wanted for attempted murder, Viktor Daçi was arrested in Greece

The Greek police accidentally arrested a person wanted for attempted murder by Interpol Tirana. The Greek police stopped the vehicle with license plate YTK-8700 in Malevizi, Irakleos and demanded the documentation from the driver.

The latter did not have a driving license and showed a homogeneous Greek card issued by the Athens police on 20.05.2021 in the name of Ermal Lazaj, 44 years old, which seemed suspicious to the police.

After the verification, it turned out that the card was fake and for this the driver of the vehicle was taken to the police station. During the interview, the author admitted that the card is fake and stated his true identity, namely Viktor Pashk Daçi, 45 years old from the village of Baz i Matit.

From the verification in the Interpol system, he turned out to be a wanted person in the Dibër District Police Directorate in Albania for "premeditated murder remaining in the attempt" and "unauthorized possession of combat weapons and ammunition", from 01.06.2015 for an event that happened on 25.11.2014.

From the verification in the system of the second identity of the wanted person, specifically Ermal Lazaj, it resulted that he was arrested under this name on 26.05.2023 in Agio Nikolao Lisithiou with 10 grams of cocaine and on 22.10.2023 he was prosecuted by the police of Agio Nikolaou for rape of a 23-year-old Greek woman.

He was immediately put in the handcuffs of the Greek police in order to start extradition procedures, while criminal proceedings were also carried out for the forgery of the homogeneity card, for violating the law on immigrants and for violating the rules of traffic.

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