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"Financial collapse", Elezi: Rama's statements regarding the increase in the price of energy, illegal

"Financial collapse", Elezi: Rama's statements regarding the

The electricity expert, Eduart Elezi, has reacted to Prime Minister Rama's statements regarding the increase in the price of electricity, calling them illegal.

Invited to SYRI TV, Elezi says that a financial collapse is happening due to the mismanagement of the government in the energy sector, which has caused enormous damage to Albanian citizens and business.

According to him, there is no reform made to justify the increase in the price of energy.

"The statements of the Albanian Prime Minister in the Parliament regarding the increase in electricity are illegal, which means that whatever policy is made, there must be an application from the companies or the Prime Minister must be informed by independent institutions, either by the Energy Regulatory Authority that has the legal for the approval of these fees.

Regarding bandages, there is no study in Albania. This is done for the part of the big hole that there is with the mismanagement that there is and in the reforms that have been made in the electrical sector. It is said that reforms have been made. There are no reforms at all. Everything illegal is being declared there.

For the first time, the law is not respected here. Second, the financial collapse. Energy is sold for 60 euros from the Albanian energy corporation and at the same time it is bought from the distribution system operator, but from traders for 87-90 euros. This is an economic damage caused to Albanian citizens and Albanian business.

How is the increase in the price of energy declared when most of the energy is bought at market prices today by the business?

If you look at the consumption of Albanian citizens and small businesses, it does not reach more than 3.5 tariffs. This means that the energy produced by the energy corporation costs 15 euros per megawatt. Today, the Albanian citizen pays 100 euros and the business somewhere around 150 euros. So there is no room for growth.”

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