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KPA excluded him from the justice system, Alfred Balla reacts again: I am still in office

KPA excluded him from the justice system, Alfred Balla reacts again: I am still

The High Prosecution Council will hold a meeting on May 27 where it will be determined whether or not Alfred Balla can remain in the position of KLP chairman, after the decision given by the KPA that decided to remove him from the system for 15 years, based on in the vetting process.

The KPA decided a few days ago to remove Alfred Balla from the justice system, although previously through the procedures he tried not to pass the vetting, claiming that he did not enjoy the status of a magistrate at the time the process against judges, prosecutors and legal assistants had started, function that Balla carried out in the Supreme Court.

In relation to this issue, Balla has reacted, who, through a press release, clarifies that he is still in office as chairman of the KLP.

"Media announcement of Mr. Alfred Balla, currently acting chairman of the KLP. Based on the interest of journalists and the public after the KPA decision, I personally need to clarify; Based on the fact that the KLP had no scheduled meeting for decision-making this week or next week; The fact that 9 members of the Council have so far been on a working visit abroad. It was not necessary and feasible to meet the relevant Commission and the Council urgently.

On the other hand, in the analysis of the content of the decision of the KPA (abbreviation as it has not yet been fully disclosed) available, I estimate that:

It has not analyzed and proven facts that would make my election as a non-magistrate member of the KLP controversial, in order to have room to apply Article 149/bi of the Constitution.

Anyway, a meeting of the Commission and the Council is planned next week and this problem will be analyzed and evaluated by the High Council of Prosecution itself. I want to emphasize that my 5-year constitutional mandate has ended and I am staying in office, due to the constitutional provision, until the appointment of the person who will replace me.

This explanation is necessary, in order not to create abusive situations, referring to the decision of the KPA and the effect it has on another constitutional body, as it is not in the interest of the public." , writes Alfred Balla in his reaction.

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