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He leaves with a bag of money in hand, for the first time the images of the RENEA employee who was caught with 113 thousand euros are released

He leaves with a bag of money in hand, for the first time the images of the

The footage of RENEA officer Altin Morina, who was caught with 113,000 euros, 290,000 lek and 80 pounds in his car, has been published for the first time.

Journalist Artan Hoxha has published in "Opinionin" the footage of Morina and the moment when he receives the money. Hoxha says that together with Morina, businessman Gentian Gjoka and his son also appear in the video.

The footage was taken from a bar in the New Tirana area. Hoxha says that at one point the bar waiter goes out, goes to the market, takes a bag and gives it to Morina. The latter enters the amount of cameras received.

In the end, the RENEA officer leaves with the bag of money in hand.

"This happened on March 14, two days after the assassination in Don Bosco, where Mimoza Paja was killed, i.e. in Fation Murat's bar. When the news broke, a RENEA training officer, an officer with experience there, was caught. He also did other tasks. Altin Morina is 43 years old. The first time he was caught, he was caught with 113 thousand Euros, somewhere around 13 million old and some 80 Pounds. It was said that this money was seized when it was coming from Elbasan and its seizure may be related to the murder of the 12th. It was not related to this. Then came the story to the rest that because our special forces are underpaid, then crime pays.

This recording is a local camera, it was made only 1 hour before he was arrested. This is in the area of ​​New Tirana. It's in the bar. This is Altin Morina. This is the waiter of the bar. This is businessman Gentian Gjoka. That white box he left on the table is 113 thousand Euros. These two talk. He hands it over. A little later at the bar, the waiter we saw there comes out. There is a market near the bar and he took a bag. The son of the businessman Gentian Gjoka came here, and then his wife also came. The waiter brought him the bag. Money was found in that bag. He takes the money and puts it in his bag. The businessman's wife and his son come here later. They leave, he and the RENEA officer are taken on foot. He goes inside the bar, that's where he has the bag and then leaves with the bag in hand.

In the first moment, it was connected with the event related to the murder of Mimoza Paja in Don Bosco and the conflict between Ervis Martinaj's group and his opponents. So the doubt at the beginning was about the connections with the recent events that took place in the capital. The investigation of the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, in fact and what I saw in the request for the security measure, which was approved by the court, I do not know if it was under the supervision of SPAK, why was it intervened, if it was not under the supervision of SPAK -u then we are in the other situation. Why did this information come out in the beginning in relation to this story because the day after this event, that is, the arrest, because this was a great damage to the special department... the head of training of the RENEA department, which is the elite unit, and Erzeni knows what impact does it have?

There is a notarial deed issued by the son of the businessman and he said that I withdrew this money and also submitted the bank statement. The scene itself when you look at them and the way it was reflected on the first day that is why what Ylli said happens. When an event happens today, we talk today, and because another event happens, it overlaps", said Hoxha.


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