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The member of the Gaxhai gang, Armando Sulejmani, is released from prison

The member of the Gaxhai gang, Armando Sulejmani, is released from prison

The member of the Gaxhai gang, Armando Sulejmani, who was arrested two months ago for murder, has been released from prison. The 48-year-old was assigned the security measure of "obligation to appear".

" The appointment as a security measure for the person under investigation, Armando Sulejmani, of the "obligation to appear before the judicial police" every day 7-17 of the month, at 11:00 a.m., provided by article 234 of the Criminal Code.

The release of the person under investigation is ordered if there is no other security measure or final decision against him ", the Court's announcement states.

Armando Sulejmani is known as a former member of the Gaxhai gang in Vlora, a criminal group that operated in the city of Vlora during 1997, when anarchy reigned. Part of the gang, he and the other members were accused of creating a criminal group, possession of weapons, murder, hostage-taking and fines. Under the leadership of Gazmir Braka, he was at war with the Çola gang in Vlora. "Cipuri" had been declared wanted earlier, however, he had found ways to circulate in disguise in different cities of the country.  

On February 17, 2019, he was injured in an assassination attempt in the "Cold Water" area in the city of Vlora. In that event, Çipur's brother-in-law, Orest Rexho, and his friend Arjan Hasani were killed. The three were in a vehicle when they were shot with a Kalashnikov from another vehicle.

At that time, the police confirmed that the target of the attack was exactly Sulejmani and that it was related to a story of revenge that started years ago. Sulejmani had just been released from prison and was rumored to have attacked Ferdinand Llanajt, a member of the tribe known for the Çola massacre, where after a fight in the casino in April 2015, 3 young men were killed. 

In 2002 Sulejmani, or Çipuri, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder. In February 2019, the Court of Vlora imposed the measure of "prison arrest" for possession of weapons without a permit.

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