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Lubonja: The two most positive things we saw from the opposition protest

Lubonja: The two most positive things we saw from the opposition protest

Analyst Fatos Lubonja says that the February 20 protest organized by the Democratic Party brought two positive effects in his view.

Invited to the News 24 studio, according to him the protest produced the image that there are still people who do not like this government and secondly it brought a unity in diversity.

"The protest produced an image that still has people who don't like this government. The number that no one can measure, they are saying that it was bigger than the previous protests they did. That was the most positive thing. Second, it brought about a unity in diversity. These are the two most positive things we saw.

Here, when talking about the program, there are two things, a more important program should be the one that unites everyone to restore the rules of the game of democracy in Albania, since here we have a state party. This is the number one program that people should have on the road today and all day.

The other program must be said in the plural, because it is the programs of different parties that one can be left or right. They are secondary in my opinion. The first program would be that of the union to restore democracy. Sometimes the two get mixed up, sometimes we don't deal with them at all and deal with the problems of the opposition, it joined, it didn't join ," said Lubonja.



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