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The flourishing of political business on the ruins of DP

The flourishing of political business on the ruins of DP

Gazmend Bardhi was verbally attacked by Lulzim Bashe's braves, coming out of the meeting of the so-called PD Presidency. Together with him, a small group of deputies, disappointed by what was happening, saw themselves physically threatened to realize that the hope for the DP's unification has finally been extinguished. The chairman, dismissed and resigned at the same time, with the seal in hand and a handful of supporters, has decided to build a party for Edi Rama.

In the worst time for the country threatened by monism, when the opposition as the safest offer brings disunity and those dissatisfied with the government choose to leave the country as an alternative to escape the fire that burns everything. a man who laughs like Lulzim Basha, has decided to light a cigarette quietly to reopen the political business. For more than 1 and a half years, the path he established turned the opposition into a collector of electoral crumbs while strengthening the personal power of Edi Rama. With the violent return it guarantees him eternal power.

As warned by Alibeaj on March 19, 2022, when he took a step back after the embarrassing defeat of March 6, Lulzim Basha only withdrew to teleport the DP to the point where the membership will see his return as hope. Trials and stamps dominated the opposition debate, grotesque figures coming to the forefront as the pro-American saviors of the opposition, the fight with the majority with the tools available to Edi Rama, brought a shameful election result, which would be the most suitable ground for any former - president to return as a triumphant. In theory, Basha was right, in practice it turned out the opposite, no one wants his return, not even Gazmend Bardhi, with his exemplary loyalty.

With this loyalty to Basha, Gazmend Bardhi appointed Alibeaj as president without convening the National Council, then he tried to build bridges with the majority of the party, tried to unite for the local elections and, after failing, asked that the minority of Alibeaj not to nominate candidates , but to compete only with the logo. After he failed, he campaigned for the logo and candidates for the pulpit, after Alibeaj's resignation he tried to build a unification process, with an inclusive platform that could be negotiated with the majority.

All this attempt to save the DP revolted the originator of the division, Lulzim Basha. He immediately intervened so that this did not happen, so that the small piece that he separated from PD, together with the logo and seal that Rama gave him, would not join the larger part, because the political business was ruined, he would not be able to be elected president and would not be able to sell the stolen piece on the autocracy's black market.

The effort of Gazmend Bardhi and some other deputies ended in the early hours of the morning. Hotheads won, on both sides the next battle will be with each other. Those who want to avoid it are 25 deputies, the largest parliamentary group of the opposition, but powerless in the face of the personal interests of the DP parties. The seal eventually went the way of the bruises. it is up to Berisha and his supporters to start a process of unification with the 25 MPs left without a party, it is up to the DP majority to increase its ranks and save the traditional opposition from final destruction. Otherwise, in 2025, DP will be a memory.

Taken from Dosja.al

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