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The agreement for refugees in Shengjin, the Italian lawyer: Albania risks smuggling of human beings

The agreement for refugees in Shengjin, the Italian lawyer: Albania risks

Italian lawyer Salvatore Fachile from the Association for Legal Studies on Immigration spoke on the Rama-Meloni refugee agreement.  

In an interview for Syri TV, Fachile stated that the establishment of the camp in Lezhë will bring consequences for the citizens.

" The history of immigration in Italy, in general, from a statistical point of view, teaches us that there are no terrorist infiltrations, or people who have this approach.

What the history of emigration in Italy teaches us is that, of course, people who are locked in this desperate state often try to escape, or destroy the places where they are kept and disperse throughout the territory.

This is a reaction that is predictable and that happens often and puts in difficulty the countries that are expecting them, in this case Albania. It is the same as the history of two countries, Italy and Albania in the 1990s.

It was normal for the ill-treated citizens, the moment they arrived, to try to escape, to scatter around the territory.

There will be people in that territory to organize illegally and facilitate the unauthorized movement of refugees.

This will be the first consequence of this camp in the Albanian territory, it will see a flourishing of illegal activities, which will tend to organize the movement of these people who will try to disperse in the territory, which is the phenomenon of smuggling of human beings" , said lawyer Salvatore Fachile, among others.


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