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Over 1.9 million insured doses, the cost of vaccines purchased by Albania; which type of vaccine dominates

Over 1.9 million insured doses, the cost of vaccines purchased by Albania; which

In Albania, the first anti-Covid vaccines arrived earlier this year and so far over 1.9 doses have been provided. Our country has administered four types of vaccines, Pfizer, Astazeneca, Sinovac, Sputnik V. According to the data of "Open Data Albania" , the cost of vaccines purchased by Albania is 3.42 billion ALL.

Earlier, the government did not provide details on contracts for the purchase of vaccines on the grounds of trade secrecy. Out of a total of more than 1.9 million doses, Chinese vaccines predominate. Below is the list of vaccines that have come to our country:

1 000 000 dose Sinovac-CoronaVac

551 000 doses BionTech / Pfizer

320,000 doses of AstraZeneca

50 000 dose Sputnik V

According to the plan for two-dose vaccination of the adult population, a total of 4.4 million vaccines should be administered. So far 22% of the population has been vaccinated.

According to "Open Data Albania", so far the state has contracted 2.9 million vaccines or 66% of the amount of doses for which it is engaged in the State Vaccination Plan. To negotiate with manufacturers, the government has authorized two ministries, the State for Reconstruction and the Ministry of Health.

Recall that the immunization process began in the second week of January, beginning with the risk groups and then began mass vaccination. In August and September, citizens over the age of 18 can be vaccinated by presenting their identification document at the special vaccination centers. Vaccination is optional for citizens, but mandatory for medical staff, students and teachers. 

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